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     I realized a few years ago that my passion is not "painting" neccessarily... Rather, it's simply a passion for creating.  Specifically something new, beautiful and profound. (I'm an entrepreneur at heart.) But it happens that I satisfy that passion through my artwork.

    It's for that reason that why I can't lock myself down to one style. Rather, I want and need to experiment with everything as long as it allows me to. . . . create.

     In early 2008 I graduated Brooklyn College and quit my job to pursue my career as a freelance portrait artist. Needless to say, it's been a struggle and I've definitely hit a point so low that the only sensible thing to do was to get a "real job". (several times)
    Now 9 years later I've managed to remain standing as a freelance portrait artist. I've expanded my services to include custom framing, abstract painting and Mural work.

    I've also created and patented a unique memorial product for both people and pets.  It led to the founding HereAfter Frames Inc.   


These products combine the idea of an urn and a framed photo or painting into one memorial that hangs on a wall.

Please visit for more information.


Thank you for being here,

Boris Jairala


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