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Thank you for visiting.

I  happen to have a passion for painting and designing frames.

Take a look around and feel free to ask any questions or make a request.

   Portraits; Pets; Murals; Abstracts

  Custom Framing: Unique custom frames

  HereAfter Frames: Memorial frames for pets and people that have passed.


  Candle series; George Zaharoff


Memorial frames:   HereAfter Frames combine a memorial image with the Keepsakes and ashes of a loved one.


Commissions:  Most of my work is created with the help of photo references.  Simply let me know what your vision is and email me a few photos to get the process started

Sales: Most of my personal collection of paintings and the abstracts are available for sale.   All of them can also be reproduced and altered to meet your specifications.

Shipping and Delivery:  I'm located in Brooklyn, NY.  About half of my clients are located in the Tri-state area.  Personal delivery or pick-up is how I would normally get the artwork into your hands. I can also ship anywhere


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I came across a quote on Instagram some time ago.  I forgot who originated the quote and the exact words... but I related to it and so does every other artist who makes a living creating art.  

It goes something like this.  "You don't hire an artist for the time it takes them to create art, but for the years of work and sacrifice they put in to learn their craft"... something along those lines.

In other words, If an artist charges you $100 for a painting that took him an hour.  You should feel confident that it's not just that hour that you're paying for.  It's the years of training, experience and sacrifice that he invested in so that he can successfuly complete a unique work of art in such a seemingly short time.

Of course, the same goes for many other professions.


It should also go without saying that a manner of pride and proffesionalism should be expected from a working artist.  It should also be expected for the artwork to be guaranteed.  If you hire a painter for a custom work of art, be sure that he or she offers to show progress of the artwork and accept requests for reasonable adjustments to fit your expectations.


With that being said.  If you choose to hire me, that means you have accepted my style of painting.  The art will be guaranteed.  Custom framing can be provided.  Shipping and or delivery may have an additional cost or just rolled into the overall price.



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